In 2019, 4218 babies were born at the maternity ward of East Tallinn Central Hospital, including a set of triplets and 86 pairs of twins. Let’s look back at the year and highlight the most memorable days and months.


March, June and August were the three baby-boom months of 2019 at the maternity ward of East Tallinn Central Hospital, with 389, 386 and 382 births respectively. The winter months saw fewer births. 306 babies were born in January, 311 in February, and even the festive month of December with 310 babies had a more modest birth rate than spring.

Slightly more boys than girls were born. Midwives at the maternity ward of East Tallinn Central Hospital delivered 2051 girls and 2167 boys during the year.

Four girls and three boys were born at the maternity ward of Tallinn Central Hospital on the 101-year anniversary of the Republic of Estonia.

September in particular stood out, since the 15 babies born on 12 September included a set of triplets named Otto, Annabel and Isabel. The triplets were born during week 34 of the pregnancy. Otto weighed in at 2.2 kg, Annabel weighed almost 2 kg and Isabel was 1.8 kg. The triplets were allowed to go home after three weeks of hospital care.

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13 October stood out as a red dot day. On average, 11 babies are born at the hospital every day, but on 13 October only a single baby girl was born.

Our outstanding midwives were quite busy over the Christmas holidays as they delivered 23 Christmas babies over the course of three days. 11 of them were girls and 12 were boys. Seven little Christmas miracles were born on Christmas Eve on 24 December with the first birth at 00:34. Four girls and three boys were delivered in total. Christmas Day on 25 December was quite slow with just four Christmas babies – two girls and two boys. On 26 December, things were back to normal with midwives delivering 12 Christmas babies – five girls and seven boys. This included a pair of twins.

Only boys, five of them, were born at our maternity hospital on 31 December, the very last day of 2019.

In addition, December stood out for the number of twins born. Altogether, 12 families were blessed with the double joy of having twins. A total of 86 pairs of twins were born at our maternity ward in 2019.

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