Doctor of the year for 2018 is Mall Varvas

For the 14th time, the East-Tallinn Central Hospital held an award ceremony to honour its employees. The title of doctor of the year went to the head of the women’s clinic gynaecological department, Dr Mall Varvas.

dr Mall Varvas

Dr Mall Varvas. Photo: Raigo Pajula

The chairman of the hospital board, Ralf Allikvee, said in the Väino Tuppits Auditorium that the hospital personnel have done a great job. “We have shown that we are there for people and there is a demand for us. My dear people, thank you for having contributed so much,” said the hospital director.

The title of doctor of the year for 2018 went to Mall Varvas, who has been working for the women’s clinic since 1990. She has been in charge of the gynaecological department for the last 24 years. Over these years, it has developed into one of the most respected and largest gynaecological surgery centres in Estonia. Her enthusiasm and leadership has led to minimally invasive surgical techniques being adopted and successfully used in operations. “I’m very proud of the fact that I work for East-Tallinn Central Hospital, and I would like to thank you for that opportunity,” she said.

Residents have a high appreciation for her as someone who can explain even seemingly complicated aspects in a manner that makes them seem simple. She has nerves of steel, plenty of patience, and a maternal sense of care in teaching novice colleagues. Residents say that she is a role model and they aspire to reach her stature as a professional and human being.

Also receiving mention as doctors of the year were emergency medicine doctor Natalja Tšepil, internal diseases medical care quality director Ene Mäeots, rehabilitative care physician Eve Sooba, ophthalmologist Reili Rebane, radiologist Katrin Kõdar and cardiologist Andres Reinold.

The nursing professional of the year for 2018 is the director of nursing at the rheumatology centre, Katti Kõrve, and the caregiver of the year is Urve Lauren of the nursing and long-term nursing care clinic.

In addition, the clinical support specialist of the year was recognised –deputy director of the hospital pharmacy Eve Elken – while the non-clinical specialist of the year is senior customer service rep Aivar Tahk, the secretary of the year is Kerli Liiv, the customer service representative of the year is Maire Väizene, and the cleaning service personnel member of the year is Inna Stepanova.

Besides the employees of the year, the third winner of an award instituted in 2001 by the Tuppits family in memory of Dr Tuppits was announced: the head of the hospital’s rehabilitative care clinic, Heidi Alasepp. The purpose of the memorial fund is to support and recognise the organisation of high calibre medical care and exemplary training of medical personnel. Dr Alasepp was given the award by the son of Väino Tuppits, Tõnu, who said that the hospital is highly valued by people all over Estonia. “This award is being given so that you will have even more enthusiasm and will to work together to offer people good medical care.”

Alasepp said that his work in giving people back their health was the most important. “We are needed more and more. I see even more opportunities, and we won’t rest on our laurels – instead we will stride boldly forward.”

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