The women’s clinic at East Tallinn Central Hospital offers reliable professional help for taking care of your health and becoming a mother. All our gynaecologists, midwives and paediatricians are working with full commitment to your health.

Women of every age are welcome here – we have the most modern medical technology and the competent and professional help of our nurses, doctors and midwives based on vast amounts of experience at gynaecological analyses, prevention of illnesses, delivery or treating infertility.

The maternity hospital at the Central Hospital is the oldest in Estonia. One fourth of Estonian children are born here. Many of our patients are connected with long-term traditional ties – often multiple generations of mothers and grandmothers have given birth here. We meet the third generation at our maternity hospital increasingly often. Our hospital has a baby-friendly certificate, which we first received from UNICEF in 2008 and during reassessment in 2019. The principles of a baby-friendly hospital are simple and humane – love, kindness, intimacy between mother and child, the necessity of breastmilk and creating the right prerequisites for successful breastfeeding.

certificate-east-tallinn-central-hospital-2016In summer 2016, as a result of the accreditation of the European midwifery and gynaecology board of advisors, we received a certificate which acknowledges East Tallinn Central Hospital maternity hospital as a European accredited learning base for midwifery and gynaecology.

We also provide pregnancy crisis counselling for women who need psychological help and support.

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