Few people have the luxury of having three children at once

Parents of triplets: few people have the luxury of having three children at once 16 May was a special day at the East Tallinn Central Hospital because that sunny afternoon saw the birth of another set of triplets, little Emily, Mirjam and Gregor. Kadi and Andres, parents to the triplets, are convinced that this is […]


Skin-to-skin contact

Why are babies put on their mother’s stomach immediately after birth? Today, skin-to-skin contact between the mother and the child (within 1.5-2 hours after birth when the first breastfeeding has taken place) is considered the best care principle of a healthy newborn baby after birth. For this reason, the baby is placed on the mother’s […]


Pregnancy app is gaining popularity

Pregnancy app is gaining popularity The first Estonian-language mobile application for pregnancy monitoring has reached the phones of thousands of Estonians. Users highlight user convenience, individuality and reliability as strengths of the app. Vivian Arusaar, Head Midwife of the Women’s Clinic of East Tallinn Central Hospital, admitted that the pregnancy app has turned out to […]


Panorama test now more affordable

Panorama test now more affordable The cell-free DNA analysis that uses a mother’s blood, known as the Panorama test, is now significantly cheaper. Upon the wish of the pregnant woman, the special Panorama test can be used to determine the cell-free DNA of the foetus, using blood taken from the mother. This allows precise screening […]


Internationally recognised maternity centre

The maternity hospital of East Tallinn Central Hospital – an internationally recognised maternity centre Currently, one-third of all babies born in Estonia are delivered at the maternity hospital of the Central Hospital, which is the oldest of its kind in Estonia. Annually, over 4,000 newborns, of whom 350 are premature, come into the world here. […]


Renovation work won’t disturb life

Renovation work won’t disturb life in maternity hospital Usually the maternity hospital of the Central Hospital is full of hardworking, active women, be they women giving birth or our midwives, but this week the maternity ward and intensive care of infants was taken over by men – skilled builders. As we announced last week, construction […]


15 sets of twins in January

The Women’s Clinic Welcomed 15 sets of twins in January Last month was a record breaker. The Women’s Clinic welcomed 15 sets of twins. This is the largest number of twins born within the past 5 years. The new year brought lots of joy and hard work to Women’s Clinic. In January 354 babies were […]


Pregnancy diagnostics

Pregnancy diagnostics help to keep an eye on the expecting Do you know the best time to register a pregnancy? Diagnostics during pregnancy enable to carry out thenecessary analyses to ensure the mother’s peace of mind and discover any issues at the earliest possible stage of pregnancy. East Tallinn Central Hospital has all opportunities for […]

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