The department of neonatology at our maternal hospital has been created for the care and treatment of babies with a complicated or premature birth.

Newborns in need of medical treatment or observation arrive at the department during the first hours and days following their birth. Our paediatricians and nurses do their utmost to provide newborns with comfortable and smooth conditions for growing, treatment and care.

In the year 2010, in the interest of providing the best conditions for the development and growth for newborns, we opened the first breastmilk donor bank in the Baltics. The nurses at the neonatology department also carry out analyses on babies born in our hospital.

9 paediatricians, 44 neonatology nurses and midwives and 6 caretakers work at our department.

Hospital treatment for newborns

There are 14 beds at the neonatology department (intensive care units and neonatology beds). State-of-the-art incubators, monitors and respiration apparatuses are used at the department in order to provide the best conditions for monitoring and treating ill or premature newborns.

The keywords of intensive care for very small premature newborns are intensive care based on individual needs, gradual transition from aggressive to soft intensive care.

Special care

The patients at the neonatology department need special care and treatment. Our nurses have undergone an individualized treatment and assessment programme (NIDCAP), designed to support the newborns’ development. We also do our best to ensure that the care of children in need of special care and the medical procedures carried out with them are as comfortable as possible.

Mother and child contact

Parents are welcome to visit their premature newborn at any given moment. The nurse at intensive care supports the mother, teaching her how to observe and care for her child as well as feed with a probe.

Thanks to the professional work of our nurses and access to special apparatus, we can leave babies only in need of observation together with their mothers. Babies who have gone through intensive care are taken to their mothers at the postnatal ward as soon as the condition of the mother and the child allows.

The neonatology ward at Central Maternity Hospital cooperates fully with Tallinn Children’s Hospital.

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