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Vehicles can enter the parking area in front of the Women’s Clinic’s house to drop off or pick up a patients to the Women’s Clinic. Car parking is prohibited. The parking area of the women’s clinic is only for ambulance.

Visitors and patients can park their vehicles, for a fee, in the designated car park indicated on the map (purple area). From Hospidali and Ravi streets, the parking lot behind the eye clinic can be accessed via Juhkentali street.

  • To access the parking area, take a ticket from the terminal next to the barrier.
  • When the barrier lifts, you can drive to the parking lot.
  • Bring the ticket when you leave the car.

Paying for parking

Before leaving the territory, enter the parking ticket into the payment terminal. There are three terminals in the Ravi street parking lot – in front of the women’s hospital, in the lobby of the eye clinic and in front of the family doctor centre (see the map). You can pay for parking in cash (coins and bills) or by card. Specific instructions can be found on the terminals. When payment is received, the machine will return a parking ticket. When you leave the parking lot, insert the ticket into the barrier terminal.

  • For the visitors at Ravi street, parking is free for 20 minutes.
  • Thereafter every 20 minutes will be an additional 0.5 euros. The daily fare (24h) is 9 euros.
  • Parking is tolled on every day of the week around the clock. More information on parking.
Parking for the disabled
  • A driver with a mobility disablement can park their car for free, provided they have the required parking card. The card has to be placed in a visible place on the dashboard of the car.
  • The ticket received from the barrier terminal must be presented along with the documents indicating disablement to the employee at the registry for validation.
  • There are 5 marked parking spaces reserved for the disabled on the territory of Ravi 18. There are two spaces to the left of the entrance to the women’s clinic (B-corpus).
  • There is 1 parking space behind the women’s clinic next to the entrance to the reception.
Free parking for birth givers

Patients arriving to give birth at the maternity hospital of the Central Hospital can park for free in the area immediately adjacent to the reception. Birth givers receive a pass from the reception which is valid for 24 hours.

  • Write the car’s licence number and the driver’s contact telephone on the pass and place it on a visible spot on the dashboard of the car
  • The ticket received from the barrier terminal must be presented to the employee at the registry for validation.

Additional parking information and customer support is available at AS Ühisteenused, telephone 6 511  515  or e-mail


Information about patients staying at the hospital is available on business days from 7:15 until 18:00 by telephone 666 1900.

Visitors are asked to leave their overcoats at the coatroom.

If the patient is staying at the intensive care unit, the visit must be arranged in advance with the supervising staff.

Visiting hours during business days 15:00-19:00

During weekends and holidays 12:00-19:00

How to reach us

Ravi tn 18 Tallinn, Estonia. Busses 3, 16, 39, 47 (Keskhaigla stop), 17, 17A, 54 (Hotell Olümpia stop)

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