The course of natural birth is not interfered with, but rather the intuitions and wishes of the woman are taken into account.

The woman’s natural ability to give birth is remarkable. By preparing oneself both mentally and physically for childbirth, the chances of a successful birth are increased both for you and the baby. During natural birth we follow the principles of a physiological or natural birth and do not interfere with the course of the delivery.

We advise you to think through your expectations about the upcoming birth and write them down in your birth plan along with your support person. The midwife supporting and helping you during delivery will be familiar with it and more helpful and supportive as a result.

Our midwives have the skills to apply aroma therapy, homeopathy and reflexology at a delivery.

If the delivery was natural and normal, you and your newborn may be allowed to leave the hospital six hours after childbirth – the final call of going home will be done by a paediatrician.  For families leaving early after birth, a house visit is available by a midwife.

If you are planning to draw up your delivery plan following a natural birth plan, visit our natural birth lectures, discussion and exercise circles and ask for additional information from the midwife you are registered to.

Skin-on-skin contact

Skin-on-skin contact is done for all timely newborns born in a good condition, including those born via a caesarean incision.

What is skin-on-skin contact?

Skin on skin contact means that the naked child lays upon the bare chest of the mother or the father immediately after birth.

Skin-on-skin contact is necessary to:

  • helps stabilize the body temperature of the newborn (no hypothermia).
  • relieve post-delivery stress for both the newborn and the mother.
  • help keep the newborn’s blood sugar level higher
  • helps the body of the newborn to get used to the same bacteria as the mother
  • For a new-born who has had skin-on-skin contact for at least 1 hour, the process of starting breastfeeding goes more easily and often without the need of any external assistance.
  • Ensures higher emotional satisfaction for the mother and the child.
  • Helps develop confidence and trust for both the mother and the child.
  • Develops a stronger connection between the mother and the child.
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