If you want, you can request a personal preferred midwife, gynaecologist or a paediatrician present at your childbirth. This service comes with a fee.

A specially trained medical worker is present at every delivery in our hospital. During a normal delivery, experienced midwives support and counsel you, but should things get complicated, a whole team of experienced gynaecologists and other specialists are standing behind you.


You will meet and get to know the midwife, gynaecologist or paediatrician already before the process of delivery has begun. During your first meeting you can share your emotions and plans with the people present and achieve a safely conducted cooperation. The service of a personal midwife includes: at least one meeting before delivery, the presence of the midwife next to you from the beginning until the end of the delivery, i.e. from the beginning until leaving the delivery room (2h after delivery).

By choosing a specialist to be present at your delivery, you will have to pay:

  • Personal gynaecologist present – 690 euros
  • Personal midwife present – 690euros
  • Personal paediatrician present – 690 euros

If you wish to have a specialist present at your delivery, please contact our delivery department at 620 7159 a few months before your due date.

Our midwives

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