Your midwife – Irena Bartels

I have been a midwife for a long time, during two centuries, even. Over the course of all these decades I have been a practicing midwife in various fields of midwifery.

I graduated from Tallinn Healthcare College as a midwife and the Tallinn Pedagogical Seminar as a professional teacher. I am an assistant lecturer at Tallinn Healthcare College where I share my knowledge, skills and values with future midwives.

I am staying with my pregnant from the moment they are assigned to me until the passing of 10 lunar months. I share their thoughts and ideas, giving my best and counselling the family if need be. At the maternity hospital I can be found at the delivery room or the post-delivery room. In the delivery room I always try to offer women the most fitting rhythm to help them achieve the most wonderful task in the world – giving birth to a child.

In the post-delivery room I want to direct fresh parents in the way that after leaving our establishment they would be completely independent and capable of breastfeeding and taking care of their child. Pregnancy, delivery and post-delivery period are natural parts of human evolution, where an important part is played by self-trust.

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