Your midwife – Ülle Višnevski

My experiences as a midwife span from the golden 70s to the modern day. The times and eras that I have grown up in have taught me to approach the birth-giver in just the right manner, the way she wants it at any given moment. Time has brought fathers and other support persons to the delivery room, in equal need of attention and understanding, or sometimes just someone to talk to. The birth-giver is always in charge of the situation, but if need be, I am there to take control.

I see delivery as a natural process where a midwife can help make decisions, but the mother always has the final say.

Time and experience have shown that knowledge of pregnancy, delivery and post-delivery period are vital, but even a “good plan” sometimes needs an “emergency exit”. The number of children who have felt the warmth of my hands as the first thing in this world should be in the thousands. Many of them have passed me by on the street next to their mothers and greeted and smiled.

You can only feel joy from this calling. The greatest gratitude for a midwife for a job well done are the eyes of new mothers and fathers, wet with tears of joy.

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