Water birth

We want you to feel comfortable at our delivery room. Our aim is to ensure a safe delivery for you and your child in a safe, wholehearted and partaking environment.

Our delivery department has 8 delivery rooms with modern equipment, four of them with baths.

The benefits of using water at birth

Water is known for its therapeutic properties. These therapeutic properties are transferred to both the mother and the child during childbirth. Water helps alleviate the birth and gain better control over the pains caused by contractions.

You have better control over your breathing rhythm and muscle relaxation in water. A relaxed body releases fewer stress hormones. The water keeps the woman’s body in a so-called low-power state and the blood supply in the stomach area is improved. It is possible to apply various modern methods at water birth to alleviate labour pains. If necessary, we can ensure you and your child swift and professional medical attention.

Water birth

If a pregnancy has run a normal course, you may be able to give birth in water. We have 4 special baths designated for such occasions along with specially trained midwives. We recommend you go into the water during the active phase of the delivery and stay there for two hours at a time. The temperature of the water is between 32-36 degrees Celsius. It is possible to make use of spontaneous pushing and not to do any active pushing at all, when giving birth in water.

What else helps alleviate pain?

We recommend you stay as mobile as possible and use positions that you are most comfortable with. Massage, bathing and warm sacks are all at your disposal with the help of your midwife. We recommend you drink plenty during your delivery. Still water or herbal tea help the body recover.

Laughing gas, medicine and epidural analgesia are also viable options for alleviating labour pains. Doctors and midwives will help you determine the right course of action.

For more difficult cases we have intensive care units at the delivery department, where the finest in their fields are there for the mother and the child.

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