East Tallinn Central Hospital launches free advice line ‘Ask a Midwife’

From Tuesday, 2 May, a free midwife advice line will start working at East Tallinn Central Hospital. On weekdays from 08:00-16:00, patients and healthcare professionals can receive professional advice from a midwife by calling the number +372 606 7576. The need for such a service arose from concerns expressed through phone calls and emails outside of visits, which midwives have to respond to on a daily basis.

“If during the telephone consultation it is determined that an additional health check-up is necessary, the consulting midwife can quickly refer the patient to the necessary appointment,” explains Silja Staalfeldt-Rahumägi, Head of Midwifery at the Maternity Counselling Centre of the Women’s Clinic at East Tallinn Central Hospital. “In other matters, the patient can be assured that they will receive immediate expert advice.”

The free advice line is also intended as a contact point for health centres that occasionally require a specialist consultation or need to refer patients for examinations. “Our midwives are very experienced and our doctors are also available for consultation, if necessary; medicine is a team effort,” adds Staalfeldt-Rahumägi.

Currently, women who could attend a regular midwife appointment are also turning to the emergency department of the Women’s Clinic. “The emergency department is available around the clock, but patients must be aware that the waiting time can be long,” the East Tallinn Central Hospital Maternity Counselling Centre Head of Midwifery points out. “First, tests are done, the results of which can take up to one and a half hours to be ready, and if the doctor is busy, patients will have to wait to see them. Not all patients need to wait; there is an easier way. This is where the new advice line comes in to help.”

People from all over Estonia can contact the advice line.  The experienced midwives of East Tallinn Central Hospital are available to answer questions on weekdays from 08:00-16:00.

The number for the ‘Ask a Midwife’ free advice line is +372 606 7576.

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