Family wards

After your child is born, you will be spending some additional time under the supervision of our midwives and doctors.

The freshly renovated 4th floor hosts 19 modern family wards with all the necessary amenities and 3 mother and child wards – all to make the new parents feel as comfortable and welcome as possible during their stay at the hospital.

There are 7 family wards and 2 general wards with four beds on the 1st floor of the maternity hospital.


After giving birth, you can choose a mother and child ward or a family ward, available at different price ranges. You can’t book a mother and child ward or family ward in advance – they are available depending on the number of women giving birth. Tell the midwife about wanting the ward when you come in to give birth.

Midwives will help and counsel you at taking care of the newborn and perform regular checkups on you during your stay at a post-delivery ward. We usually also perform a vaccination, hearing screening and PKU analyses on your baby.

Catering is available three times a day during your stay at the hospital. On the day you leave, we offer breakfast and lunch. On the 4th floor, there is a fridge in the ward, the patients on the 1st floor can keep their food in the public fridge in the hallway of the same floor. Every ward has free Wi-Fi.

When paying for your stay at the ward, the first and the last day will be counted as one day.

Visiting hours at all post-delivery wards are on business days from 3 PM to 7 PM and at weekends from noon to 7 PM. Try to limit the number of guests in the interests of your and your baby’s health. The newborn should be visited only by the immediate relatives.

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