Pregnancy monitoring and giving birth as of 18 May

The measures implemented at the Women’s Clinic of East-Tallinn Central Hospital during the emergency situation are gradually starting to ease as of 18 May. Thank you for being so understanding and carefully following the restrictions so far.


Here are some of the most important changes to the current situation and information on restrictions which will remain in place regarding pregnancy monitoring or coming to give birth.

  • When you arrive for an appointment or come to have your baby, you will be provided with a protective mask, your temperature will be taken and you must fill in a health declaration where we can specify whether you have had contact with persons with Covid-19 or persons who have recently arrived from a foreign country.
  • It is still not allowed to have anyone accompany you on your appointments with a doctor or a midwife (incl. ultrasound examinations).
  • When you come to give birth, the midwife will test you for the coronavirus to rule out or determine any possible hidden Covid-19 infection.
  • Family deliveries are allowed – the father of the child or another family member living with the mother-to-be may attend the birth. Family members who arrive at the hospital to attend a birth must be healthy and comply with the additional safety precautions set out by the hospital. The family member must also fill in a health declaration and their body temperature will be checked. If it becomes evident that the mother’s Covid-19 test is positive, unfortunately, the family member attending the birth must leave the hospital as both parents are likely to be carrying the virus. The accompanying person must wear a surgical protective mask during their stay at the hospital and they will not be allowed to leave the delivery room at any time. Family members must leave once the mother and child are transferred to a postpartum room.
  • Family rooms will not yet be used to accommodate partners and the ban on visitors will remain in effect. It is not allowed to send packages to a family member at the hospital or use food delivery services during your stay at the hospital.
  • Traditional family rooms are currently not in use as they have been transformed into rooms for mothers and children and are free of charge.
  • If both the mother and child are well, you can expect to return home before 48 hours have elapsed.
  • Remote appointments will continue in some capacity during the monitoring phase – women will be contacted by telephone for consultation and a future action plan and examinations/analyses will be set out.
  • The midwives’ hotline is open and available from 8:00-16:00 Monday-Friday. You can contact us by calling +372 5397 7077. Our midwives offer advice to all pregnant women registered with East-Tallinn Central Hospital.

Family School is temporarily closed. See instructional videos on the webpage of Family School

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