The midwife’s appointment during pregnancy

  • If you have medical insurance, you don’t have to pay for a midwife’s appointment.
  • If you don’t have medical insurance, the fee for a midwife’s reception is 25 euros.

If a pregnancy test turns out to be positive, you should make an appointment with a midwife. The first visit to the midwife should take place on the 7th to 9th week of pregnancy, preferably before the 12th week. Midwives use ultrasound equipment disposal to determine a pregnancy. A developing foetus becomes visible during the 6th-7th week.


You will also need to see the midwife regularly during pregnancy – here, you can ask for advice, talk about your joys and worries and undergo the requisite testing.

Midwives will also assist you during the delivery. Generally, there is a midwife on duty present during childbirth. If you want to have the midwife who consulted you during your pregnancy present, you can choose to use the personal midwife service.

Gynaecologists work at the maternity centre alongside midwives and are available for immediate consulting.

Various analyses are necessary for a pregnant woman and the developing baby. In addition, you can order a paid ultrasound with audio-visual images or video of your developing baby and various early signs of chromosome illnesses of the foetus can be identified with a simple blood test.

The analyses during pregnancy are taken by midwives and gynaecologists. The analyses are carried out with the help of our hospital’s internationally renowned central lab and pre-delivery specialists.

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