Pregnancy crisis counselling

We offer you and your family psychological support and information necessary to better handle the difficulties caused by pregnancy. A referral is needed for an appointment.

Actual pregnancy doesn’t always match the perfect image of expecting and upcoming family happiness which we sometimes imagine for ourselves and our partner. Getting used to the new situation and the change in the relationship of the couple may cause problems.

On the other hand there may be unexpected situations – miscarriage, unwanted pregnancy, abortion, infertility and the analyses and treatment involved with them, the birth of a sick or disabled child, divorce during pregnancy and the death of a child. A woman, man or a family finding themselves in such a situation should not be left alone with their worries and should seek advice from a pregnancy crisis counsellor or a midwife.

  • You can register for counselling on business days. You can make your appointment at the reception, by calling 666 1900 or at a gynaecologist or midwife.
  • Specially prepared pregnancy crisis counsellors will provide you with support – psychological counsellors and psychologists:

Marje Pukk

Kristi Kuura

  • Counselling is available in Estonian and in Russian and is free of charge.
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