At the pre-delivery department of the maternity ward we identify and treat various medical issues of pregnant women and their foetuses. Planned and emergency patients arrive at our department.

In addition to treatment we also conduct various analyses necessary for pregnancies – amniotic fluid tests (amniocentesis), cardiotocography (CTG) and ultrasound. We also treat gestational diabetes and do nutritional counselling.

Hospital treatment

Midwives and doctors at our department counsel, monitor and treat pregnant women in the case of various medical issues. For example:

  • Excessive vomiting during pregnancy
  • Risk of miscarriage
  • Risk of premature delivery and premature breaking of waters
  • High blood pressure, which may have been diagnosed previously or emerge during pregnancy (preeclampsia)
  • Diabetes, which may have been diagnosed previously or emerge during pregnancy (gestational diabetes)
  • Growth retardation of the foetus (hypotrophy), etc.

If necessary, our specialised doctors will offer their consultation – cardiologist, neurologist, doctor of internal diseases, endocrinologist and others. Additional analyses (e.g. abdominal cavity ultrasound, x-ray) are carried out at the diagnostics clinic of our hospital.

There are 15 beds at the pre-delivery department for women in need of stationary hospital treatment.

Clinic treatment

In addition to stationary treatment, we also offer clinic treatment services. You can wait for your procedures at a comfortable clinic room equipped with armchairs.

Please assign at least 4 hours for clinic appointments.

Clinic treatment services of the pre-delivery department:

  • Drafting the pregnancy monitoring plan
  • Drafting a delivery plan
  • Intrauterine blood transfer (for example in the case of rhesus conflict)
  • Amniotic fluid tests
  • External turning of the foetus in the case of a breech
  • CTG
  • Specialised doctor consultations and analyses
  • Nutritional counselling
  • Inducing delivery
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