Special bassinets arrive at Women’s Clinic

East Tallinn Central Hospital Women’s Clinic received special bassinets that help keep the mother and child close even as the mother is still recovering from childbirth in intensive care.

After undergoing a caesarean section or experiencing other complications during childbirth, mothers need some time to recover in intensive care. If a natural birth is not an option and the baby is delivered by caesarean section, mothers are not allowed to pick up their children because the wound needs to heal and movement may be physically very painful and uncomfortable. Following a caesarean section, the mother is monitored in the intensive care unit for no less than six hours.

During this time, the mother and child can be together and the newborn is placed on the mother’s chest as soon as possible. Our intensive care rooms are equipped with special Mobycrib Matris bassinets that can be attached to the mother’s bed to keep the newborn close even while the mother requires intensive care.

This new type of baby bassinet can easily be placed by the intensive care beds to make it easier for mothers to tend to and feed their newborn while in bed. The side of the MobyCribi Matris bassinet is removable to allow the mother and child to be on the same level for convenient contact building. Proximity also helps both mother and child recover emotionally and helps establish a close bond between them.

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