Triplets born at East-Tallinn Central Hospital in May

Triplets – three boys – were born at the maternity hospital of East Tallinn Central Hospital on 6 May, just ahead of Mother’s Day. These are not the first children in Taisiia and Igor’s family; the triplets also have an older brother (3 and a half) waiting at home.

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The triplets were born to a family living in Tallinn during week 35 of the pregnancy with Vadim weighing in at 2.4 kg, Evgeni at 2.4 kg and Vladimir at 2.1 kg.

According to Taisiia, the boys’ mother, the news of triplets came as a big surprise. “In week 7 I learned that I was expecting twins, but later on it turned out that they were actually triplets,” says Taisiia, noting that the news was initially a shock.

Triplets are usually quite rare. According to Vivian Arusaar, Head Midwife of the Women’s Clinic of East-Tallinn Central Hospital, Estonia usually sees 2-3 sets of triplets a year.  This is the first time this year that triplets have been born at East-Tallinn Central Hospital. Another set of triplets were born to a family in Viljandi county earlier this year.

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Delivering triplets is a little more special than usual and requires better medical preparedness to facilitate the miracle of life. “Our triplets have performed well and adapted without major issues to bring joy to the hospital staff during their first days in this world,” says Arusaar. “The birth of triplets always involves greater risk. It is vital to monitor the pregnancy correctly. The delivery is planned in advance where possible. The maternity hospital must be prepared in terms of equipment and staff to be able to assist the newborn children should they have difficulties adapting to new circumstances. This means that delivering triplets is feasible only in large hospitals that have enough skilled gynaecologists, paediatricians and midwives as well as paediatric intensive care nurses because there will be three little babies born at the same time.”

The triplets’ first week at the hospital has been quiet. They have been with their mother in a postpartum family room since their birth and are getting stronger by the day. “The children are doing well,” says Taisiia, mother to the triplets. “At first, it was difficult to attend to them after the caesarean section, but midwives and nurses at the department were very helpful. I am immensely grateful for their assistance!”

The family will face a huge challenge once they get back home – managing on their own. According to Taisiia, Igor, the father of the children, has to work during the week but will still be able to provide support during weekends to give her some time for herself.

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